The Dragon & The Raven


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The Danes have swept over every kingdom in England, laying waste to everything in their path. Join Edmund and the one man who is willing to stand against the invaders – the young King Alfred of Wessex. From standing in the shield-wall to sailing on the whale-road, Alfred and Edmund realize the nation’s only hope is to turn back to the God they have abandoned. Can the two young warriors turn the tide of the war and save their world?

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G.A. Henty – Brian Blessed
Freya – Helen George
Elswitha – Katherine Kellgren
Alfred – Dominic Hecht
Young Edmund – Hugo Docking
Young Harold – John Bell
King Ethelred – Joseph Timms
Ethelfled – Susie Brann
Egbert – Stuart Pendred
Algar – John Baddeley
Toley – Robert Benfield
Young Saxon – Toby Baddeley
Cuthred – Andrew Harrison
Siegbert – John Rhys-Davies
Eldred – Brian Deacon
Cedric The Shipwright – Sylvester McCoy
Edmund – Jonny Scott
Harold and Lothan – Daniel Philpott
Guthrum – Stephen Greif
Bjorn, Ethelned, Ofus – Mervyn Stutter
Sweyn and Oluf – Peter Moreton
Theodore and Ethelbert – Rich Swingle
Edgar and Ethelfred – Chris Emmett
Ethelwn – Tom Alexander
Court Crier – Michael Haughey
Additional Voice Talent – David Oakley, Rich Swingle, Theo Maggs, Mollie Standdard, Maxwell Darnell-Hayes, Cameron Manson, Ted Darnell-Hayes, Pete Doherty


The Soundhouse


Executive Producer: Bill Heid
London Director: Philip Glassborow
Consulting Producer: Nick Huizenga
Producer & Director: John Fornof
Associate Producers: Nick Heid, Aaron Fullan
Writer: John Fornof
Original Score: John Campbell
London Casting Director: Philip Glassborow
Sound Design and Foley: Rob Jorgensen & Mark Drury
Production Coordinator: Beecher Proch
Studio Manager: Gabriella Bird
Project Manager: Mark Drury
Recording Engineer: Rob Jorgensen
Package Design: Steve Tyrrell/Tyrrell Creative
Accent Coach: Daniel Philpott & Pernille Otbo


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